Séminaire Régional des Radiocommunications de l'UIT pour l'Afrique (RRS-13-Africa)

Études Formations Séminaire de formation  Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroun
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The ITU Radiocommunication Bureau intends to perform a yearly cycle of Regional Radiocommunication Seminars, to be held on the different regions worldwide, which will deal with the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the satellite orbits, and, in particular, with the application of the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations. The main advantages of the regional seminars are:

  • Within each region, more officials from national frequency management organizations can participate, and also more participants from other radiocommunication sector stakeholders;
  • Seminar's Agenda can be focused on pertinent regional situations and problematic;
  • A closer dialogue can be established among participants and they can be more easily trained in the latest ICT tools for frequency management developed by ITU, and better apply for their particular problematic;
  • ITU Staff would be in a position to better understand local frequency management problems and, therefore, provide more appropriate assistance.

In that regard, and res​ponding to the kind invitation of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL)​ of Cameroon, and with the support of the African Telecommunications Union (ATU)​, the ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2013 for Africa (RR-S13-Africa) will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon, from 16 to 20 September 2013.

The venue site for this seminar is: Hotel Mont Febe​.

RRS13-Africa will be held in the following structure:

  • A pre-seminar web tutorial will be available at this web page, with the most basic concepts about ITU and ITU-R structures and functions, including Study Groups and BR Departments, and ITU basic texts, mainly focused on the Radio Regulations (RR) and their associated Rules of Procedure (RoP). A good understanding of the pre-seminar web tutorial concepts is required to be able to actively participate in the Seminar.
  • The first two days will review the basic concepts related to Spectrum Management, both at worldwide and regional basis, as well as the procedures associated to the international register of frequencies. The review of the modifications to the RR, associated WRC Resolutions and ITU-R Resolutions decided by the last World Radio Conference (WRC-12) and Radio Assembly (RA- 12) will follow. This part will also cover the current regulatory framework for the international frequency management and the ITU-R Recommendations and best practices on the use of spectrum for both terrestrial and space services, including basic training on ICT Tools developed by ITU for frequency notifications for those services.
  • The following two days will be devoted to parallel workshops (Terrestrial and Space), enabling the participants, to get hands-on experience on ITU notification procedures for each type of service, as well as on the software and electronic publications made available by the Radiocommunication Bureau.
  • The last day will be devoted to a Forum on the future of the UHF band on the African region (below 1 GHz), with the participation of stakeholders. This Forum will include relevant topics as: Transition to TDT, Digital Dividend, TV White Spaces (TVWS).

The presentations and discussions during the Seminar will be held in French and English with interpretation in these two languages¹.

Member States, ITU-R Sector Members, Associates and Academia of Africa (Region D) are invited to attend the Seminar. Attendance to the Seminar is free of charge for any representative of ITU Member States, ITU- R Sector Members, Associate Members and Academia, previously registered.

Registration for this event will be carried out exclusively online, through the respective Designated Focal Point (DFP). Registration will begin on 22 July 2013. Advance registration of all participants is strongly advised; unannounced participants will face further delays at the on-site registration desks.

Seminar will be conducted in a “paperless” environment, i.e. seminar proceedings will be available on the website. Given the amount of the expected practical work during the workshops, participants are required to bring their laptop, performing the set of minimal specifications.

To further detailed information please click on the pertinent file of the "Information" rubric.

¹ Although no interpretation will be provided during the Terrestrial and Space workshops, for each workshop some of ITU tutors will speak French and English.​​

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