Youth to youth program - Ages 15-17

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Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Volunteer Programs

We piloted Y2Y programs in 2008 following considerable interest from high school students and a recognized need to also work with younger students in our target communities. Mirroring our service internship programs in structure, the Y2Y program is specifically designed for volunteers aged 15-17. Y2Y volunteers live, work and travel together for the duration of the program. Y2Y volunteers work alongside Malawian Field Staff to teach in grades 4-6 in target schools. Keeping the needs of local communities in mind, the Y2Y-taught courses cover subjects of HIV/AIDS awareness, stigma, malaria prevention, and environmental conservation. All Y2Y programs include 24-hour supervision and are led by WC Coordinators trained to support teenagers living and volunteering abroad. We provide Y2Y volunteers with an intensive orientation and additional training in preparation for their volunteer experience. Throughout the nnnnnsession, groups benefit from guided reflections and age-appropriate extracurricular activities that provide a deeper understanding of local culture as well as NGO work in developing countries.

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