4th edition of University Training Seminar

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Cross section of officials at the seminar
Cross section of officials at the seminar

The 4th Edition of the University training seminar with the theme “Administrative and Financial Governance” organised by the University of Dschang and inspired by the General Inspection Service of the Ministry of Higher Education and Experts of the Ministry of Finance. This event was held at the International House of the GIE/UDs on the 25th -26th of June 2015.The occasion which commenced at 10:45 am was presided over by the Vice Rector in charge of Research, Cooperation and relations with the Business world (VR-RECOME) , Prof Celestin CHAMENI, and moderated by the Secretary General of the University, Prof EDANDE MARTHE ISABELLE, the Technical Adviser to the Rector , Prof Carl EBOBISSE and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Prof KAMDEM David.

The seminar which is aimed at reinforcing the capacity of University authorities on the administrative and financial governance of Universities is the 4th of its kind this year after those held in Yaounde1, Buea and Douala.

The administrative and financial authorities of the University were enlightened through eight (8) exposés with themes such as management errors, examples of management errors in state universities, the new state financial regime, capacity building of state University authorities on the responsibilities of Financial managers, elaboration of project performance on public administrative establishments among other exposés were presented by experts from MINESUP and MINFI during the two day seminar.

The Rector in his declarative speech emphasized that the seminar was structured to enhance capacity building of staff potentials and a result of previous control and evaluation results carried out by MINESUP AND MINFI on state Universities. He added that such a seminar will provide better understanding, assure the respect of quality and conformity to financial regulations to ensure quality service.

MINESUP Cautions University staff

NGO'o Roland Claude, an Inspector General of services at the Ministry of Higher Education in his exposé on management errors , cautioned staff to be steadfast and adhere to the stipulated financial regulations of state Universities. Mr NGO'O emphasized the need to shun fraud, non-respect of legal obligations, poor attitude towards proper financial management, negligence and lack of good will among others. He outlined the roles of the head of the institution and University administrative council in managing state finances and possible sanctions. The Inspector General, advised staff to be vigilant, respect stated procedure, ensure proper documentation to safeguard easy traceability, adapt resources exclusively to the tenets of the University, put in place control manuals to help in planning and execution of projects etc.

An exposé on the examples of management errors in state Universities presented by Jean Claude D, dwelt on different management errors like, the illegal payment of certain personnel recruited by the University exercising others functions in a different administration, violation of proper recruitment procedure and public market offer, non-justified expenditure among other vices were condemned. The need for financial authorities to be conscious of every step in the financial managerial process was emphasized. Other experts who presented at the seminar include NGBWA Severin Blaise Rosy (chef de contrôle a la Direction de la normalization et de la comptabilité metiers), Martin Ojongfong Ojong, IPT CAB/DETCFM and MVEIMANI Sombo Amba IT IST/DETCFM.

This enriching seminar will be of benefit no doubt to the administrative and financial personnel of the University of Dschang in making proper decisions in achieving better University results at all levels.

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