Modernizing Agric products: Scientific Conference unfolds

News Actualité  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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As the SIAD 2015 commences, a scientific conference held at the Alliance-Franco Camerounaise hall in Dschang. The Scientific conference which is designed to bring together and share combined wisdom, experiences, research and analysis across agricultural livestock system approaches needed to secure Cameroon's future and prosperity in the agro pastoral sector with respect to vision 2035 also kicked off.

The conferences witness many researchers, participants, students among others. Themes like the promotion ,improvement and modernizing agricultural production system, the intervention approach by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: the case of the West Region, a plan to re-launch the cocoa –coffee discipline in Cameroon for 2015-2020, a response to second generation agriculture: quantifying the effects of adequate financing on agricultural productivity in Cameroon, assessment of environmental risk associated with the introduction of genetically modified cowpea in Africa among other issues were analyzed with a question and answer session by participants.


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