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News Actualité  Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroun
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The ongoing university gamesthat is making waves in the political Capital of the country is not only spiced with raw talents showcased in the different competitive disciplines but also by outstanding public and private organizations. The exhibition of these different services and products offered to the much impressed crowd can be seen displayed in various colourful stands of all shapes and sizes. The University stand which is located opposite the MTN stand at the Yaoundé 1 Campus is host to a sea of knowledge and display of artistic talents. As the University seeks to attain academic excellence in its programme, it also offers the populationof Yaoundéan array of scientific books and publications to enrich the scientific world.

A visit to the stand of the University of Dschang which habours a conspicuous artistic logo of the University catches the eyes of the passerby. A cross section of books is in display such as in micro and macroeconomics, the sciences, Physics, chemistry among others. It also inhabits a varietyof pest species, scientific publications and a host of artistic and sculptural works from the students of the Institute of Fine Arts in Foumbanadding glamour to the prestigious stand.

Many curious persons are also well informed by a host of beautiful hostesses at the stand on the programmes offered by the University and its institutions.

To add charm to style some students of the institute of Fine arts can be seen doing graffiti painting to interested members of the public for free to showcase the undiluted skills and talents the University possesses./GC

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