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Digital Commercial Agents – Earn up to200,000frs CFA of monthly revenue.

We are a growing Digital Oriented Group called Global Investment Trading (GIT S. A) based in Cameroun with representations all over the world; Dubai, France, Madagascar, Senegal, Kenya, Burkina Faso just to name a few. We operate in Digital (cryptocurrencies), E-commerce, Agriculture, Fishing, Real Estate, Car Sales and Rentals and Digital Media. GIT.SA via its Company LIMARKET offers its Digital Commercial Agents:

  • An Easy and stable source of income,
  • Reliable payouts via Visa card Payments (No PayPal).
  • Diversified Income streams via our co related investment programs (Liyeplimal)

The Company: LIMARKET is the E-commerce platform of the GIT.SA Group the only E- commerce platform accepting cryptocurrencies as means of payment in Africa with subsidiaries in Kenya, Madagascar and Senegal. We're well known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike.

Our Main key motto phrases are “No one has the right the Eat Alone” and “Information

Is power”. So Seize the opportunity to share the piece of the cake with us and get power by getting knowledge, because knowledge is money.

  • We believe in Humanity and networking and that any Job be it hard or smart should be well remunerated.
  • We encourage smart work over hard Work because we operate in the Digital Economy Sector. (with just a phone you can become very wealthy)

The Position: We're looking for Digital Commercial Agent / Affiliates. The pay range we're offering is up to how smart you are; however, you could certainly earn up to 250.000 FCFA/Month or more depending on your motivations.

  • We offer Direct Sales commissions of up to 5%
  • We also offer Team bonuses of up to 2.000.000 FCFA and a Toyota Avensis].


  • A laptop, a phone or tablet
  • An internet connection.


  • All you are required to do is to promote any articles of your choice from our platform and earn instantaneous commissions.

The Location: LIMARKET SA is based in Douala 1135, Rue Mandessi Bell Bali, Between Carrefour Kayo Elie and Montagne Manga Bell Cameroon].

This is a great Job opportunity because you don't need to be in Douala in order to work with us, you can work from home or anywhere, you are your own boss.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Financial Freedom -: Top industry pay (Digital Economy offers best Earning potentials.
  • Diversified Income streams -: Great benefits.
  • Work at your own pace -: Reasonable hours.
  • You will benefit from our in-house marketing strategies -: Opportunities for on-the-job training and seminars
  • Basic training on cryptocurrencies. (Bitcoin and Simbcoin)

How to Apply?

1.Application are done in less than 5 mins by simply registering a DCA account via the link;

2.Then registering on the payment platform ,where you will receive your earnings, via the link;

**Then you shall be added to WhatsApp group for the basic training modules to get started with your earnings.**