Recrutement Offres d'emplois  Bamenda, Ouest, Cameroun
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Identification 1

Job Title:


Duty Station

Bamenda (Fundong and Nkambe)

Missions and Responsibilities:

  • Collect waybills from the truck driver
  • Supervise the offloading of the commodities and stack in pallets in a uniform manner that facilitates counting, and leaving corridors to ease movement within the warehouse.
  • Check each offloaded item for damage.
  • Count the total items received.
  • Indicate on the waybill any shortage or excess.
  • Fill the log book containing the drivers' information, items information, quantity received, shortage or excess.
  • Fill or update the stock and stack cards
  • Request from the driver to sign the log book and the waybill, acknowledging any comment on excess or loss.
  • Report any shortages, excess or damage items to the Project Manager immediately
  • Compile all primary and secondary waybills and hand to the m & e

A.1 Receiving of Damaged items

  • On receipt of a damaged item:

i)The Storekeeper

  • If it´s a sensible item ensure storage is separated from main warehouse.
  • Take pictures of the items
  • Send pictures and details immediately to program coordinator
  • Prepare a plan for sieving or destruction to propose to the Project Manager and await instructions.
  1. ii) The Tally Clerk
  • Record the quantity in the log book and ensure the driver signs
  • The store keeper assisted by the Tally clerk ensure:
  • All items should be stacked on clean pallets.
  • Stacks should not be too high, as they become unstable. Observe stability per item and do not permit risk of collapse or sliding.
  • Stacks should be at least 1 m from walls.
  • Stacks should be at least 0.5 m from the roof.
  • There should be at least 2 m between stacks.
  • Only commodities of the same kind should be stack together
  • The total quantity on each stack should be tacked on the stack in a visible manner. As much as possible, keep stacks with round figures to ease counting.
  • Store items in a way that facilitates the First in, First out (FIFO) rule. Do not keep all the first stock at the end of the warehouse without enough space for maneuver.
  • Count inventory everyday and crosscheck with recorded data on incoming and outgoing commodities

i)The Store Keeper

  • Calculate the total of each item to be sent to the field following entitlement per beneficiary or family, based on project specifications. Do not allow any project staff to request for approximate estimates. Any request is matched to a distribution plan that breaks down all necessary items.
  • Ensure the trucks are clean and in good condition and suitable for the commodities.
  • Send items following the First in First out rule (FIFO). This needs to be strictly enforced for consumables especially food. No item should be dispatched if one of the same kind was received before and is still in the warehouse.

  1. ii) The Tally Clerk
  • Pre-count the stacks involved tallying all the tack cards, and count each item being loaded. Count well to avoid excess or reduced items being send to the field.
  • Only one carton, packet, or bale should be open at a time.
  • Fill Waybills with the correct information and quantity of each item Any other tasks that maybe assigned by the supervisor


  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, management, or in a related field.
  • Experience in a humanitarian context , preferably in an emergency context;
  • Work experience of 2 years in a similar position
  • Experience working and / or collaborating on a PAM project would be an asset
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure, in a tense secure environment and with limited means;
  • Good organizational skills and responsiveness;
  • Ability to develop methodological and training tools;
  • Strong analytical and proposal capacity;
  • Good writing skills;
  • Knowledge in analysis of the functioning of markets in rural and urban areas;
  • Strong skills in team and project management;
  • Excellent knowledge of Excel (data and list processing, direct mail, knowledge of basic formulas), Word (Narrative reporting) and Microsoft Outlook
  • Critical mind
  • Sense of priorities and responsibilities, strong organizational capacity
  • Autonomous and sense of teamwork,
  • Sincere motivation for humanitarian engagement
  • Sense of diplomacy and negotiation


  • Knowledge of pidgin English mandatory
  • English: working language on the project
  • Knowledge of local languages would be an asset

Send your CV and Cover letter by following this link: Storekeeper

Only CV and Cover letter send through the link mentioned will be received.

NB: Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the written test

Please apply no later than June 29, 2020 at 5 PM