National Polytechnic Bambui (N.P.B.)

Études Annuaire des établissements Institut  Bamenda, Ouest, Cameroun
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National Polytechnic Bambui is a broad-based institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. Its main purpose is to encourage, promote and facilitate the advancement of academic, professional, technical achievements for all individuals without distinction to origin, sex or religion.

The three main objectives of National Polytechnic Bambui are:

  1. To provide academic, professional, technical and vocational skills to students and preparethem to meet personal as well as national objectives.
  2. To contribute to National Development by training the manpower needed for theadvancement of our agricultural, industrial and tertiary sectors of the economy.
  3. To equip students with theoretical and practical skills that would enable them to function asself-employers, employees, or as managers of their own enterprises.


Mile 7 Nkwen, BAMBUI ROAD
North West Region
P.O. Box 1136



     00237-3303 9654
     00237-7755 8334

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