Bamenda University

Études Annuaire des établissements Université  Bamenda, Ouest, Cameroun
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Annonce Sponsorisée

The Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) is a brain child of The Industrial and Educational Development Company Ltd (INDECO) incorporated on the 12th October 1995 with Headquarters in Bamenda, North West Province, Cameroon (Certificate of Incorporation Nº 000037).

INDECO and the university were founded by the Late Rt. Hon. Dr. John Ngu Foncha, with the encouragement of the Cameroon Government. The university went operational in January 1998. At the request of government, BUST participated and contributed extensively to the drafting of the Law on Private Higher Education in Cameroon.

BUST is a 4 year Arts, Science and Technology University founded 1995 and went operational in 1998. Degrees offered include B.A., B.Ed., B.Sc., HND.,SRN., AN., Lab. Tech., and Assist. Lab. Tech. Formalities for Post Graduate Studies have been put in place, to go operational by the  academc year 2010/2011.

Its main national affiliate is the University of Buéa, though other partnership arrangements are under way with the University of Dschang. Internationally, BUST is affiliated to the University of Osnabrueck (Germany) and the University of Wales at Bangor.

Our Mision

The mission of the University is to contribute in addressing the educational needs of thousands of youths yearning for quality university education emphasizing on professionalism, creativity, research for development by:

Seeking and using available and transferable technologies to make our graduates favourably competitive in a global economy.

Offering opportunity to unleash and transfer invaluable knowledge and practical experience of locally available but un-tapped national and international manpower.

Going for quality rather than quantity in admitting students.

Ensuring that the students receive an education that enables them to become immediately operational upon leaving the university or can be self-employed.

The university’s ultimate goal is to train the next generation of youths whose contribution in taking their communities out of the vicious cycle of un-employment and poverty  make BUST the place to have belonged. 

Our Vision

In accordance with the philosophy conceived by the founding fathers, BUST is not just another university added to the long list of universities in Cameroon. Rather, it aims at addressing the un-addressed issues in Cameroon education, consolidating the historic cultural diversity, unleashing the rich natural and human resources with which this region and indeed Cameroon in general and Africa as a whole is endowed with and galvanizing them towards raising productivity and decreasing un-employment and poverty in a bid to raise the standard of living of the masses.

An exceptionally picturesque landscape of undulating windswept hillsides with perennial waterfalls (prospective source for micro-hydro electric projects) peaceful rolling valleys clothed in evergreen raffia palm bushes – thus providing in the words of H.E. Mr. George Staples, former US Ambassador to Cameroon, “an ideal atmosphere for serious studies, unique in Cameroon,” in town yet away from town. There are equally 10 hectares of university land in Mendankwe and 200 ha. acquired in the Ntem Valley in Donga Mantung Division.