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Études Annuaire des établissements Institut  Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroun
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In no other period in recent history has there been such a lack of men and women who are selflessly and purposefully committed to take up the challenge to lead their societies to find practical and durable solutions to their most urgent problems. You will certainly agree with us that the greatest and most urgent need of our times is… leaders. No where else is this need more acute than in Africa!

PKFokam Institute of Excellence, the product of a life-dream and reflection, was born out of the strong conviction that positive and meaningful change in society requires passionate, dedicated, determined, energetic, bright and visionary men and women who effectively blend moral rectitude, courage, compassion, relevant knowledge, self-management abilities, interpersonal skills and know-how as a way of life.

In partnership with the Southern Polytechnic State University of the Georgia Technological Complex, Marietta, Georgia, USA, PKFokam Institute of Excellence has designed flexible, practical and relevant courses to enable students to develop the skills they need to fill the leadership gap. We nurture faith, integrity and excellence; we build leaders for the 21st Century.

PKFokam Institute of Excellence is not just a name; it is quality and relevant education, an ideal environment for learning, sharing and challenges, a unique setting and the singular opportunity to become the reference.

Engineering School

The Faculty of Science and Technology is made of up of the Department of Computer Engineering, the Department of Information Technology and Engineering and the Department of Construction and Mining Engineering. For the 2009 academic year, only the Departments of Computer Engineering and Information Technology and Engineering of the Faculty of Science will offer degree programs.

Economics and Business School

The Department of Management Science emphasizes managing for the 21st Century with a view to producing a new breed of Africa-minded leaders. Its MBA is a threeyear dual degree program. Students spend the first year on the Yaounde - Cameroon campus, the second year at the SPSU, Marietta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and return to Africa for the final year, which will be devoted to internship.

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