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We are pleased to inform you that the Professional Development Project of the Faculty of Law of the University of Cape Town, in conjunction with the centre for Comparative Law in Africa, is pleased to present a five-day course on the legal aspects of doing business in West and Central Africa. The course will take place from the 7 to the 11 October 2013.

Political risk is another challenge, and includes nationalisations, political change or the sudden eruption of conflict. Despite this, however, many companies are choosing to become involved in doing business in West and Central Africa as there are a number of untapped markets and key opportunities that are worth pursuing. These include those in energy, education, infrastructure construction projects, food and drink, and information technology. This course has been designed to assist interested parties in plotting a course for their investment in business in West and Central African countries and equipping them with the legal framework within which they should be interacting with stakeholders.

The course will examine the main experiences of legal and regional integration in West and Central Africa, with specific focus on OHADA law. It intends to be the first knowledge instrument on OHADA law for lawyers and practitioners in South Africa and it falls within the divulgation of OHADA in English-speaking Africa. The course will be taught by the following presenters:

  • Patrick De Wolf, partner in the corporate practice group of the Brussels office at the law firm De Wolf and Partners;
  • Salvatore Mancuso, Chair of Comparative Law in Africa at the UCT Faculty of Law where he heads up the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA);
  • Ashimizo Afadameh-Adeyemi, specialist in Commercial Litigation, International Trade Law, Space Law and Policy and Public International Law.

Program and registration form can be downloaded at

For more information please contact Ms. Andrea Blaauw (

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